Keeping Clydesdales Happy at Wind Chase

Its a very BIG job keeping Clydesdales happy and satisfied!

Our Clydesdales Bonnie and Lily can eat about 50 lbs. of hay a day!  Our Orchard Alfalfa mix Hay is shipped in all the way from Idaho by Larsen Farms. The BIG bale weighs about 1200 lbs.  and the two of them will devour it in about 10 days!

They also get a diet designed by a Equine Nutritionist  which includes oats, beet pulp, hay cubes, flax, rice bran, coconut oil, and a multi-vitamin (Tribute Essential K)  We add in treats like carrots, apples, bananas, guavas for variety.

Bathing A Clydesdale takes a little bit more then a hour, and thats if you have had a lot of practice! Those hairy white legs take a bit of scrubbing to keep them white but they also have to be conditioned to keep them from drying out! Bath Bonnie

And then lets not forget the shoes! Both Bonnie and Lily require their feet to be trimmed and new shoes about every 6 to 8 weeks! Only a very specialized blacksmith can properly shoe a horse with a foot as big as a 8″ dinner plate!


We are thrilled to have expert veterinary care right here in Palm City Florida! The staff at Harbour Ridge Equine keeps a watchful eye over all of our horses and besides providing the proper vaccinations and preventative care they are also the equine dentist!

Maid Service……Our Stalls are mucked several times daily to provide all of our horses clean dry beds to sleep on! Yes it is completely normal for horses to sleep laying down but they can also nap standing up  very often with a hind foot cocked.

And yes play time too! Bonnie and Lily are best buddies and they and all of our carriage horses get plenty of recess time! Check our our FB pages for videos of them playing!


Theres a ton more work that the staff at Wind Chase Farm does in order to provide our clients with world class carriage horses for special events, celebrations, private carriage tours, parades, and more!  We take pride in our work, hire only professionals to help us maintain our horses best health, and pay attention to every little detail to ensure happy horses that will perform their best! Next time we will talk about our very specialized equipment and the care it requires.

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