The fluff behind the Plume!

Whats all the fluff about? Recently, we have been asked about the reason horses are decorated with plumes, so we dug into some history and here is what we found:

Plumes have adorned horses for decades being most popular in the Victorian Era. They were added as decoration to the bridle and/or the saddle of the horse for all sorts of celebrations including weddings, coronations, and very often at funerals.

According to Victorian funeral traditions: “a hearse and horses laden with ostrich plumes were indicative of a person’s wealth and often families hired extra horses and coaches festooned with plumes. In 1869, James H. Shanahan illustrated a variety of these ostrich plumes with removable tops in his Illustrated Catalogue of Undertakers Hardware and Trimmings. Poor people did not deserve plumes at all while two plumes meant that the deceased was of modest means while three to four meant that he or she was better off. If you could afford five or six plumes you were wealthy but having seven plumes was reserved for the truly rich.”

Ostrich Plumes are a sign of regal status. We found evidence that Napoleon Bonapartes’ team of six horses were ornamented with white plumes for his coronation.

Wind Chase Farm wants all of our clients to feel regal as well! Weather and event permitting our carriage horse(s) are beautifully adorned with ostrich plumes for Weddings, Birthday Celebrations, and Memorial services.  Its that extra service we put in our Gold Medal Services! When you want the best look no further! Our meticulously groomed horses and immaculately clean and polished carriages are sure to impress!


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