Horses are like potato chips

What? PC

We tell ourselves all the time “we have too many horses“. After all  it is a ton of work taking care of 11 horses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! The expense is also quite hefty considering that our largest horses can eat over 50 lbs of hay a day and in Florida we pay about $625 per ton for good quality timothy hay. and thats just the beginning.

And then we are occasionally reminded…. If one of our horses gets unexpectedly hurt or sick….. we can take the time to give that horse some TLC down time and still keep our commitments and business operating as usual.  Wind Chase Farm currently has 11 exquisite horses to choose from and its what guarantees we will arrive with horse(s) and carriage on your special day….. Think of it as your Insurance Policy!

So when your looking to hire a professional Carriage Company for your special day, this would be a good question to ask… “how many horses do they have and what happens if one or two are sick or injured?”

Visit Wind Chase Farm’s Horses 

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