About Us

Owner/ Operator’s David and Heather Schneider have over 50 combined years of carriage driving experience. They successfully compete both at National and International events with their team of Welsh ponies. Heather holds USEF Gold (2015) USEF Silver (2013) and USEF Bronze (2012) Medals for her efforts with the Welsh Team. She is the current USEF Team Champion of North America. David is a Life member of the American Driving Society, and both are members of United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), The Martin County Horse Council, and the Florida Whips.

With all this experience and training obtained over the years and wanting to share their passion for carriage driving outside the equestrian community they came together and created Wind Chase Combined Driving LLC. Wind Chase Combined Driving LLC, MISSION is to provide education on the many aspects of horse drawn carriage driving through a variety of experiences. These experiences include:

*A full range of horse-drawn carriage services for special events, weddings, parties, parades, fundraisers, funeral, and corporate functions. ( a source for operational revenue for our special needs programs)

* A highly effective driver training program for those wishing to take the reins in a safe and fun environment. Learning to drive can be a bit intimidating at first, Wind Chase offers well trained horses and ponies and top notch equipment ensure a enjoyable learning experience.

* A unique equine experience program for those with special needs: The Clydesdale(s) and/ or Welsh carriage horses and carriage are transported to medical facilities, hospitals, or requested locations where children and adults are given carriage rides, learn about the respective breed of horse/pony and view and nurture the horse, if their condition allows.

Wind Chase Farm Combined Driving LLC, is licensed and insured and uses only the best equipment and well trained horses and ponies. Our experienced Coachmen keep your safety and that of our horses paramount. We sincerely thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to share our passion for Carriage Driving and exquisite horses! The Team at Wind Chase Farm love all events. If it was not for nostalgic forward thinking people like you these magnificent horses/ponies would be redundant and no longer seen on our street. So our horses, ponies, and team are waiting for your call, we just cant wait to take part in your very special day! ~ David and Heather Schneider

Team Wind Chase



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