Nothing but the Best! Our new Baraat horse costumes arrive in style!

Here at Wind Chase Farm we are proud to offer you only the most well groomed horses and meticulously clean and polished carriages. But we also go all out when designing our Indian Wedding Costumes for our beautiful Baraat Horses….. and well lets just say getting them here to our farm in Palm City is also a well orchestrated event!  From pick up truck to a Bently and then loaded on a train to Florida.  Arriving in style!

Photos of the two new Baraat horse costumes will be unveiled very soon!

Questions to ask when hiring a Baraat horse service provider.

No South Asian wedding is complete without a Baraat! It’s even more spectacular when you have a beautifully adorned Ghodi (white female horse), especially if traditional vibes are your thing. But you can’t expect just anyone with a horse to show up and provide you with a safe and reliable mount for the Groom! – just like with anything else, do your homework and research the different providers and ask questions.


I’m a little afraid of horses. Can I come meet the horse and possibly do a small ride to see if I really want this for my wedding day?

Are your horses adjusted to loud noises and music? This includes a DJ playing loud music or a dholi playing their drum?

How will I get onto the Ghodi (Baraat horse) on the day of the wedding?

A small child might be riding with me on the horse during the Baraat; is that ok?

Will the horse be in a regular saddle or dressed up in a traditional costume as a Ghodi (baraat horse)?

Does  the Baraat horse service provider own the traditional Ghodi costume(s)? If so ask the provider to see current pictures of it.  do you have the option to select which costume you prefer? is this included in the fee?

What will the horse handler(s) wear? and how many handlers will accompany the horse or horses?

How early do you (the Provider) arrive before the event starts?

Have you (the Provider) serviced at my venue before? If not, will you  find out the logistics of the venue beforehand?

Do you (the provider) have a carriage as well if we wanted to use it for the Vidai/doli (bridal send-off)?

How many Indian/South Asian weddings do you do per year? How much experience do you have? Read the companies reviews!

Is your horse reliably safe in the presence of drones? and a dancing crowd? Do you have video?

What is the cost? Is it hourly or a flat fee?

What is included in the cost?

Are there any additional fees?

What if our Baraat starts late?

What happens if I cancel? What happens if you cancel?

Do you own your horses… how many?  costumes? and carriages? or do you subcontract the work out?

Do you have liability insurance? Is there a additional fee for Insurance Certificates if requested by the Venue? by the City/Town? By the Event Planner?

Photos from Wind Chase Farm:

Wind Chase Farm – Florida’s Premier horses and horses & carriage for hire.

When you hire our horses you are hiring them not only because you want a safe and reliable mount for your Groom- the best event Planners know our horses will interact with your loved ones, delighting them in the memories created in the Baraat procession. Its what sets Wind Chase Farm apart from the other companies. Wind Chase Farms provides beautifully adorned horses and elegant carriages throughout the state of Florida!  772-285-3480.

*Photos by KNW Photography , Wind Chase Farm, and Solea Events. 

Horsing around in Daytona Beach

Not everyone has the opportunity to take a horse to Daytona Beach Florida but his past weekend we were asked to bring our beautiful horse “Maya”  to carry this handsome Groom for a Baraat procession.  The grooms friends and family had a wonderful time learning about this ancient tradition and we were glad to provide them with some references.  Our Beautiful Maya was as sweet as could be of course!

Congratulations Hiranya!

The Tampa Garden Club just couldn’t provide us with a more beautiful location for a outdoor Baraat !  According to that smile Hiranya enjoyed the Celebrations too! We think our beautiful horse “Sophie” looks pretty stunning too!  It was our pleasure to work with so many wonderful vendors! Well done Ideal Design Events, Pavan Event Services, and the Tampa Garden Club.

Baraat Celebrations

It takes one amazing horse to provide the Bride Groom with a safe and enjoyable ride while the party is dancing it up! But no worries “Maya” ( our white female horse) not only looks terrific,  her manners are exceptional and she loves to interact with the Baraatis! We Service Indian Weddings throughout the State of Florida.

Check out this Video on you Tube of Maya

Congratulations to Sidd & Rashna

We had a terrific time partying with Sidd and his family and friends during the Baraat Procession in Fort Lauderdale Florida!  Maya was looking stunning in her new hand beaded costume and she was happy to help herself to a bag full of lentils! #Indianwedding #Baraat #IndianweddinghorseFL

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Baraat Horses for your Wedding Day

By definition: Baraat (Hindi: बरात) (Urdu: برات‎) is a groom’s wedding procession in North India, West India and Pakistan. In North Indian communities, it is customary for the bridegroom to travel to the wedding venue (often the bride’s house) on a mare, accompanied by his family members.


In Hindu and Sikh weddings, the Groom is led to the marriage venue in a procession known as the Baraat. In Sikh Tradition, the Groom arrives wearing a sahara and saafa while carrying a kirpan. He is accompanied by family members, groomsmen, and friends known as baraatis.


The use of a Ghodi, or white female horse (mare), as transport for the Groom to the wedding venue is a common part of Indian tradition. Family members adorn the Ghodi with embellishments to match the groom as all eyes are on the two as they make their way through the procession.


A modern take on the Baraat entrance is for the Groom to enter in an extravagant car or horse-drawn carriage decorated similarly to the traditionally ridden horse. However, in order to maintain traditions of the ceremony, Grooms sometimes choose to ride a horse to the end venue.

Wind Chase Farms Baraat horses are highly trained for the sounds of the Dhol Player as well as the dancing and celebrations of the baraatis. The modern Ghodi should also be well trained to accept Drones flying overhead as most videographers choose this method to record the celebration.



After the Groom reaches the venue, female relatives of the Bride’s family greet the Groom and his family. They apply tilak (sacred red color mixed with water) to his forehead and perform aarti to ward off evil eye. He then continues onward to the Milna Ceremony where he greets the Bride’s male relatives.



The music during a Baraat sets the mood for the rest of the marriage event, with upbeat and exciting songs blasting as the Groom makes his way t
hrough the procession. Most DJ’s will have a portable soundimg_4661system as well as a Dhol player. Modern Indian weddings showcase a fusion of Hip Hop and Bhangra mixing in the resounding beats of the Dhol for excitement.




Ever wonder what the bride is doing during all of this? Many times, the bride is secretly watching! The Bride is not included in the Baraat because it is solely to welcome the Groom and his family to the marriage site. She joins him for the Varmala, where they exchange garlands to signify the start of their marriage rituals.


Like any type of wedding transportation, you don’t need to own a horse to have the perfect baraat. A horse rental from Wind Chase Farm can be the ideal choice! We provide beautifully adorned female white horses with hand beaded costumes. Your experienced handlers will also be traditionally dressed and will insure that your procession is a safe, beautiful part of your wedding day in Florida.

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