Celebrating Dad with a Carriage Ride

Father’s Day is Sunday June 21, it’s less then two weeks away and you might be looking for that perfect gift for dad.  For a unique day out that he’s sure to love, how about a horse-drawn carriage ride?

Whether you treat your parents or go out as a family, A carriage ride for dad can be the foundation of a enjoyable day out and Dad won’t have to do the driving! This means he can enjoy a drink with lunch or at the beach, or just relax and take in the scenery. The rhythmical clip-clop from our Clydesdales feet is sure to please.

Bonnie Florida

Our Wind Chase wagonette is a great choice to give a group a day out unlike any other. It offers a fun, relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for a tour of his favorite places. Alternatively, our vis-a-vis carriage with folding top is an excellent choice for a family day out. This can be a chance for the special dad in your life to tell you all the stories and bad jokes he loves while you enjoy the ride!

To find out more about booking a carriage ride for your Dad, please give us a call at 772-285-3480 Today!